Monthly Archives: March 2019

Kenmore Weekend

Enjoying tunes and good food in Kenmore

Fridays are the best!

In case you thought that it was not possible to improve on the BFG Friday evening sessions, we have just worked out how to do it.  No change for the first hour (all players together then split into small treaching groups and slow session), but then a new 45 minute session learning something new at a slow speed. Only after that will we have the usual session during which we get faster, sometimes on purpose and sometimes because that’s what happens whether we want to or not. Grrrrrrrr!

Last week our slow learning session was the well known melody, Come By the Hills.  For anyone who is interested there is a 4 part arrangment on the music page.  It isn’t easy to arrange four parts in the lower two octaves of the fiddle, so the harmonies are not very interesting on their own. We’ll give it a go next week. Please print your own copies if you can.