Tutor Next Friday

Very pleased that we will have Jake Paterson coming along next Friday as a tutor!

Although PKC have removed restrictions on hall numbers we are continuing to follow the 16-person limit for the moment, so please sign up using the sign-up sheet if you want to come along. There is a link to the sign-up sheet on the Members’ Area page.

Workshop on 5th September

It is great that we are now allowed to meet again at the hall for the Friday sessions and it has been good to see some of you there.

We would normally run two away weekends each year, but that is still not possible. However, we hoping to offer a few extra workshops, the first of which is on Sunday 5th September. This will be everyone, although being able to play from music or by ear will be expected. The format will depend on who signs up but we will focus on arranging tunes and sets more than on learning new tunes.

Date: Sunday 5th September
Place: Blackford Hall
Time: 1330 – 1730 (all) 1830-2000 (Ceilidh Band)


Beyond level 0

Now that the COVID level is below level zero we may be able to do more (woo hoo!). We are waiting to hear from Live Active what restrictions will be in place in the Blackford Hall (Moray Institute), in the mean time please use the sign in sheet as usual.

As most people are now attending in person rather than virtually we won’t set up the zoom from the hall unless asked. It is not a problem at all, but please drop us an email to say if you would like to join by zoom so that we know to set it up.

Friday Zooms

Friday nights are back in the hall, but if you are unable to join in person then you are welcome to join virtually on zoom. Ask if you need log in details!

Friday 25th Tunes

This week the tunes are being led from the hall (yay!) – but you can still join by Zoom on the usual link.

If you are coming to the hall then please remember to sign up so that we can manage numbers. If you wanted to join the hall sessions but it was full then please contact us to let us know and we’ll try to make space for you next week. It will all be a bit of an experiment this week, so please bear with us and if you have have any suggestions or comments please let us know.

7pm-7:45pm (slower session)
Twinkle Twinkle (p12) Old MacDonald (p12)
Twisted Bridge (p20), Poor Man (D p17), Poor Man (A p16), Twisted Bridge
Arran Boat Set (p27&p29)
Johnny’s Gone to France Set (p41)
Far Oer Struay (p33) Balcraggan (p33)

7:45-8:00 (change over – Zoom only)
Aitken Drum, White Cockade, Reel of Tullochgorm (p35)
The Dark Island (p39)

8:00-late (faster session)
Billy Malley’s Scottishe (p125)
Mrs Jamieson’s Favourite (p147)
Pate Bailleys Set (p36 & 37)
Harvest Home Set (p127)
High Road to Linton Set (p74)

Friday 18th Tunes

Tunes courtesy of Carol & Ian this week!

First half
All from the Wee Book except the last set:

Glenside (p21)
Dark Island (p39)
Dance of the Honeybees & Laura’s Tune (p51)
Benachie Sunrise (p48)
Battle of the Somme (p52)
Roxburgh Castle (BBp86)/Hesleyside Reel/Highland Mary (BBp93)

Second half

Billy Malley’s Schottishe/The Galway Hornpipe/Memories of Father Angus MacDonnell (BBp125)
The Rope Waltz/My Cape Breton Home (BBp136)
Waiting for the Federals/Over the Waterfall/Frosty Morning/ The Arkansaw Traveller (BBp95)
Farewell to Craigie Dhu (BBp146)
Hamnavoe Polka (last week’s new tune)
Kirk’s Hornpipe/Lime Street/Morpeth Rant (BBp128)
Callum’s Road (BBp110)/ Hut on Staffin Island

Opening up again!

We are extremely excited to announce that Friday sessions in the hall are starting back from Friday 25th June! There are some things that we need to do to keep us all safe, and a description of how we expect the evening to go is available here. One big change is that we are limited in numbers to 16 people in the hall at one time. We will have two sessions each Friday:

  • Slower session 7:00-7:45
  • Faster session 8:00-late

To avoid wasted trips we have a sign-up sheet on the members area of the website (contact us if you need the username and password). Please sign up to one or both sessions as you like. If you have any problems or just don’t like webpages then contact Andrew Peacock at andrew@andrewandlaura.co.uk or 07545 916734.

Sign up sheet

It is ok to turn up without signing up first, but if we reach 16 people capacity then we won’t be allowed to let you in ☹

To keep our valued treasurer safe, we won’t be taking any hall payments. If you wish to make an electronic donation then you are welcome to do so – contact us for bank details, but there is no requirement or expectation of this.

PLEASE do not worry about “taking up slots”, we don’t expect to be full and if we do find that people are missing out because the slots are all taken then we will start a rota system to make sure everyone has a chance to get in. A detailed description of how we plan to run the Friday evenings is attached, this is also on the website along with our Risk Assessment.

The session groups will be staying together in the big hall, so no smaller breakout groups for the moment. I’m afraid our half-time coffee is on hold for the moment, but you are welcome to bring a flask of coffee along should you wish! If you don’t feel ready to come along and are enjoying the zoom sessions, then we will have a laptop set up in the hall so that you can join the session on the usual zoom link.