Opening up again!

We are extremely excited to announce that Friday sessions in the hall are starting back from Friday 25th June! There are some things that we need to do to keep us all safe, and a description of how we expect the evening to go is available here. One big change is that we are limited in numbers to 16 people in the hall at one time. We will have two sessions each Friday:

  • Slower session 7:00-7:45
  • Faster session 8:00-late

To avoid wasted trips we have a sign-up sheet on the members area of the website (contact us if you need the username and password). Please sign up to one or both sessions as you like. If you have any problems or just don’t like webpages then contact Andrew Peacock at or 07545 916734.

Sign up sheet

It is ok to turn up without signing up first, but if we reach 16 people capacity then we won’t be allowed to let you in ☹

To keep our valued treasurer safe, we won’t be taking any hall payments. If you wish to make an electronic donation then you are welcome to do so – contact us for bank details, but there is no requirement or expectation of this.

PLEASE do not worry about “taking up slots”, we don’t expect to be full and if we do find that people are missing out because the slots are all taken then we will start a rota system to make sure everyone has a chance to get in. A detailed description of how we plan to run the Friday evenings is attached, this is also on the website along with our Risk Assessment.

The session groups will be staying together in the big hall, so no smaller breakout groups for the moment. I’m afraid our half-time coffee is on hold for the moment, but you are welcome to bring a flask of coffee along should you wish! If you don’t feel ready to come along and are enjoying the zoom sessions, then we will have a laptop set up in the hall so that you can join the session on the usual zoom link.

Friday 11th Zoom Tunes

This week’s fantastic tune list comes courtesy of Susie.

First Half
Camptown Races/Yankee Doodle WBp24
Lucy Farr WBp38/Little Diamond WBp30/For the Young WBp30
Sitting in the Stern of A Boat/The Northern Lass WBp49
Hector the Hero

Boo Babies BB133/Si Beag Si Mor/Sour Grass and Granite BBp139
Coilsfield House BBp145
Cooley’s Reel/Barrowburn Reel/Sally Gardens Reel BBp70
Da Hamnavoe Polka (new tune)
Calliope House/Muckin’ of Geordie’s Byre/Dan O’Keefe’s/Ask My Father/The Panda BBp40/41
Juniper Hill BBp140
Full Rigged Ship BBp59/New Rigged Ship BBp98
Miss Graham of Inchbrakie (Kate’s new tune)

Everyone Gig on Sunday!

We have our first ‘everyone’ gig in quite some time, playing along to the Blackford Village cycle ride on Sunday 4th. All very welcome, but please contact Bethan or Andrew P if you want to come along so that we can manage numbers.

Zoom Session 4th June

Tunes are courtesy of Heleen this week!

First half

All but one from the wee book:

Come by the Hills (58)
Arran boat set (27)
Kate Dalrymple & High Road to Gairloch (42)
Catalina waltz (big book 141)
Heights of Dargai (52)


Second half

Far from home set (all six of them)
Song for the small pipe
Balintore fishermen
Lads of Foss
Glen Lyon
New tune: Crested hens
Chris’ march
Dionne reel


Friday 28th Zoom Tunes

Friday Tunes courtesy of Simon this week! Apologies for technical glitch last week that cut our Friday session short. We all know that it is Isla’s fault.

1st Half (all wee book):
Mermaid Song (p19)
Little Diamond & For the Young (p30)
Johnny’s Gone to France set (p41)
Burning piper’s hut (p43)
Hughie Rory MacKinnon & Ben Williams (p53)

2nd Half (all big book):

Kate’s new tune – the Quiet Man (p109)
Michael’s Mazurka (p154)
Honeysuckle (p130)
Hunter’s hill (p122)
Shetland reels (p96)
High reel and Tarbolton (p85)
Mouth of Tobique (p82)

Friday 21st Zoom Tune List

A big thank you to Kate for this week’s Friday tune list:

First Half wee book
Twinkle/Old McD p13
Scotland the Brave p36
Aitken Drum p34/5
Youngest Ancient Mariner p50
Arran Boat p26/7
Bennachie wb 48


Second half big book
Last week’s new tune Miss Graham of Inchbrakie (see members area)
Holm Band Set p35
The volunteer
Cuil Aodha p67
Silver spear p75
New tune – the Quiet Man p109


Honeysuckle set p130
Major Molle/Glen tilt if time

Friday tune list for 14th May

Thank you Katrina for last week’s tunes, this week tunes are courtesy of Dave G.

Session 1
1 Twinkle/OMD
2 The Mermaid’s Song wb19
3 Arran Boat set wb27/29
4 Far O’er Struay, Balchraggan
5 Sitting in Stern of a Boat, The Northern Lass. Wb 49
6 John McAlpine, Hugh Rory McKinnon, Ben Williams of Tiree. Wb53
Request Time

Last Weeks’s New Tune – The Banks of Spey, courtesy of oor Katrina and William Marshall.

Session 2
This Weeks New Tune, Miss Graham of Inchbrakie (see member area)
1 Ask My Father, The Panda. CB41
2 The Rope Waltz, My Cape Breton Home. CB 136
3 Starry Night in Shetland, Southwind, Lament of the First Generation. CB 143
4 Lament for the death of the Rev. Archie Beaton. CB 144
5 Jimmy O’ The Bu’s Polka, Koukkulammin Polkka. CB123
6 Sidlaw Hills, Cutting Bracken, Highland Whisky. CB103

Most of us will have heard and even played Major Graham of Inchbrakie (the tune Robert Burns preferred for My Love is Like a Red Red Rose but was thought too difficult for most so we got the simpler one). Well, Miss Graham was his Major Graham’s daughter, just in case you were interested. There were two adjacent estates near Crieff that Niel Gow frequented, namely the Morays of Abercairney and the Grahams of Inchbrakie. He wrote tunes for most if not all of the homes at which he was invited to play his fiddle. The two estates were eventually combined through marriage and the grand estate houses are no longer extant. Abercairney was demolished in the 1960s. Abercairney even had its own railways station, notably visited by Queen Victoria in September 1842. Abercairney station was closed in 1951 but the station house is still extant and occupied and the platform is still there.

Zoom session 7th May

A great session last week – thanks to David P for his choice of tunes! This week we have Tunes from the Fabulous Katrina:

1st Half
Twinkle Twinkle Old McDonald
Rest And Be thankful
Scotland The Brave Mairi’s Wedding WB 36
Fairy Lullaby WB 14
Johnny’s Gone To France John Ryan’s Polka O Susannah WB 41
Twisted Bridge Poor Man D Poor Man A Twisted Bridge WB 20 WB16
Battle Of The Somme WB 52
2nd Half
Lucy Farr Dance Of The Honeybees WB 38 WB 51
Pipe Major Donald Mclean Of Lewis Rocking The Baby WB 42 BB 120
Out On The Ocean Set WB 45
The Banks Of Spey Strathspey New Tune (see member’s area)
Mason’s Apron Maid Behind The Bar Toss The Feathers BB 78
Farewell To Nigg BB 159
Sidlaw Hills Cutting Bracken Highland Whisky BB 103
Si Beag Si Mor Sourgrass And Granite BB 139


A big thank you to everyone who came along to our AGM last week, and to the new Committee! We really appreciate all your support, especially while we can not meet in the hall.
Next week is back to the new normal, with tunes from David Peacock as follows. Music for new tunes is on the members area of the website (email us if you need the login details):

First half
Twinkle and Old MacDonald LB13
Glenside LB21
Campdown Races & Yankee Doodle LB25
Aran Boat, Erin Shore & Sky boat Song LB27-8
Aitkin Drum Set LB35
Dark Island LB39
Sitting in the stern of a boat LB49
Second half
Lake Charles Waltz (New tune)
Roaring Jelly set BB43
Floating from Skerry & The Old Road Home BB152
3 Sea Captains set BB53
The Full Rigged Ship BB59 (Possibly a new tune!!!)
John McNeils Reel set BB101
Laird of Drumblair set BB104
Mairi Bhan Og BB149 (Possibly a new tune!!!!)
The Rabbie’s Hornpipe (New tune)
Final Request