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Music Pages

On this page you will find links to tunes from BFG music books and many other tunes.  The tunes are available as images (the written music score) and as midi sound files.  The tunes are played at slow speeds so that you can learn them by ear.

If your computer warns you that playing the files requires a plug in or is using scripts it is perfectly safe to allow this.  All the files on this page are on the BFG website and you will never be sent to other sources for them

The links below will take you to the tunes.  If you know the name but don't know what sort of tune it is then you can find out from the alphabetical list.

Tunes will appear like the example shown as a picture image below. (This example shows a Quicktime music player. Your PC may use another sound player such as Windows Media Player.)  Use the player controls to play/pause the music file.  You will still be able to see the music score.  Underneath the music score is a link to the sound file.  If you right click on this you can download the file to your PC (use the Save Target As option).  You can then play it without being connected to the web. If you use Media Player or The Amazing Slow Downer you can slow the music down.

Right clicking on the music score allows you to save the image to your PC.

Sample Page

BFG has included all the tunes on these pages to encourage members to learn them.  Most of the tunes are traditional, or at least we believe them to be so. Permission has been granted by some composers and publishers to use other tunes here.  We have removed the files relating to some of the tunes listed in the alphabetical listing beause we have not yet received permission to include them.  If we have included anything here by mistake we will of course remove it if requested by those who own the copyright.