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Red Cross Gig Next Friday – 14th June

Just a reminder that there is no hall session next Friday because we are playing at the Aytoun Hall in Auchterarder to help raise funds for the Red Cross. This is an Everyone Gig so all welcome! We will have two 15minute sets, one in each half. In the first half we will play slower tunes so most people can play, especially for younger folk.  In the second half will have some faster sets and a couple of songs, including Wild Mountain Thyme played in C. I SAID IN C. THAT’S C.

Arrive as soon after 7 as possible please to tune up.

First Half.  Twinkle, Twinle and Old MacD.  /  Fairy Lullaby – Twisted Bridge and Poor Man /  Three Craws / Arran Boat set and finally Far O’re Struay – Blachraggan

Second Half.  Bennachie – Hornpipes set / Wild Mountain Thyme and Ye Banks and Braes / Rest and Be Thankful /  Shetland Reels (Pirrie Hoose set)

We hope to see as many as possible there!  Please encourage your friends and family to come –  only £5 and its all for the Red Cross.

Please aim to be at the hall for 7pm to tune up. And maybe we can practice playing Wild Mountain Thyme in C.