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We did it! The public voted and this time they got it right – funds for the School Fiddle Club (junior BFG). £1500 secures the tutor and covers costs for well over a year.  With many new starters this term the Club is needed more than ever. Daniel Thorpe continues to provide excellent tuition and many of the school club members also come on a Friday evening to the hall.

Thanks to everyone who supports BFG.

Family Ceilidh

Please come to the Family Ceilidh at the Blackford Hall on Saturday 29th September.

Tickets are £10 ish for a family.

Dancing and good times are guaranteed.

Family Fun Day

Members and friends

Saturday 18th August

See calendar fior details

House session at Prestonpark (Susie and Stuart’s) Friday 27th July

BFG is a non-stop process. We try to take a holiday but there is no stopping the music. Some of us are playing a ceilidh but everyone else there is a house session on 27th July. If you need directions call one of the numbers on the contact page. (Members only.)


Nah, not really.  But for those members that are keen to add a new BFG set to your repertoire, you should learn The Rolling Waves set (3 jigs). It would be a good set for gigs but more importantly, if you want to join the ceilidh band, it is our standard sound check set.  You can hear the tunes on the music pages – just follow the links

Remember we are now closed for Friday sessions until 10th August –  that’s three weeks off.

The BFG family funday / ceilidh / BBQ etc is on Saturday 18th August (not the previous weekend as advertised on the calendar until corrected.

All our gigs are on the calendar. You can sort them by Everyone or Ceilidh Band and you can list them rather than having them shown on the calendar. If you can’t work out how to do that then email the Ceilidh Band email and Andrew will help you out.

Good music to be had at the Southern Fried Festival in Perth at the end of July.

Fancy a session. Dunkeld Royal Hotel on Thursdays. If you know of others email the details to BFG.

Closing for summer

Don’t forget that there will no session at the hall on Fridays 20th and 27th July and 3rd August. Just remember wherever you are, just play Twinkle Twinkle and it will still feel like Friday.

700th BFG Gig

This Saturday we play the Blackford Gala Concert and it will be the 700th gig since BFG was set up in 1996.  Don’t miss it –  the cake will be massive to take all the candles.


This is an early warning that we will be moving to new email addresses for BFG soon. We will have some new committee contact details as well. The old email address will still be ok to use for a while but it will make sense to switch over as soon as we post the details here.

BFG news is back

Hi.  You may have missed the BFG news page over the last few months, but we now have a lovely new website and this wonderful blog.  From time to time we will add notices for members about events and gigs, general news and comments. So make this one of your favourite pages and come and look from time to time.

BFG sessions are on every Friday as normal until 20th July. We then take a two week break – but check the calendar for details nearer the time as you all know we don’t always stick to the plan.

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