AGM next week

Our club AGM is next week (Friday 26th April), there will be cake and food and cake and tunes and cake! Please submit any nominations for the committee (this can be done last minute if you want – nomination forms are next to the sign in sheet).

Fridays are the best!

In case you thought that it was not possible to improve on the BFG Friday evening sessions, we have just worked out how to do it.  No change for the first hour (all players together then split into small treaching groups and slow session), but then a new 45 minute session learning something new at a slow speed. Only after that will we have the usual session during which we get faster, sometimes on purpose and sometimes because that’s what happens whether we want to or not. Grrrrrrrr!

Last week our slow learning session was the well known melody, Come By the Hills.  For anyone who is interested there is a 4 part arrangment on the music page.  It isn’t easy to arrange four parts in the lower two octaves of the fiddle, so the harmonies are not very interesting on their own. We’ll give it a go next week. Please print your own copies if you can.

Niel Gow Festival – BFG event

Sunday, 17th March. We need as many young players as possible to come and play in Birnam at 1100 a.m. on Sunday 17th.  For lifts /  travel arrangements there will be lists and so at the hall.  A tune list will be available.

2018 Comes to an end – shock horror!

Well it looks like 2018 will end on 31st December and there is no stopping it.  Teresa May is seeking to hold off the decision a little longer and is looking to Europe to find a way of halt the progress of time and the coming in of another year.  Will she get any supporters?  Not on this planet but watch this space for further news.  Or alternatively why not go along to one of the BFG Yuletide events and enjoy more tunes and company. (See the calendar.)

In case everyone has forgotten the 1000th Friday evening meeting of BFG is about to happen.  But if Mrs May wins we will be deprived of our rightful celebration and of our future. She must be stopped.  Who will save us?

Blackford School Fiddle Club


We did it! The public voted and this time they got it right – funds for the School Fiddle Club (junior BFG). £1500 secures the tutor and covers costs for well over a year.  With many new starters this term the Club is needed more than ever. Daniel Thorpe continues to provide excellent tuition and many of the school club members also come on a Friday evening to the hall.

Thanks to everyone who supports BFG.

Family Ceilidh

Please come to the Family Ceilidh at the Blackford Hall on Saturday 29th September.

Tickets are £10 ish for a family.

Dancing and good times are guaranteed.