BFG news is back

Hi.  You may have missed the BFG news page over the last few months, but we now have a lovely new website and this wonderful blog.  From time to time we will add notices for members about events and gigs, general news and comments. So make this one of your favourite pages and come and look from time to time.

BFG sessions are on every Friday as normal until 20th July. We then take a two week break – but check the calendar for details nearer the time as you all know we don’t always stick to the plan.

BFG Annual General Meeting is on 27 April

The AGM will be on Friday 27th April. People wishing to stand for election to the committee need to give their name on a piece of paper signed by two proposers before the start of the meeting. We will need two Youth Reps who must be under 18.  And don’t forget the scape goat election too.